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Are You Looking for Face Mask Bands

and Ribbons for Healthcare Products?

We produce Elastic and Rigid Ribbons for

Face Masks and other Healthcare Applications.

Ribbons and Elastics

for Healthcare

Ribbon Manufacturer

Matsa has lead the ribbon industry since 1951. We produce all type of elastics for Healthcare products: strings, cords, ribbons and bands for reusable masks, surgical masks, disposable gowns, respirator masks, urine bags and other medical products.


Scroll down to discover our most popular ribbons.

Quién Somos


Face Mask Bands

We manufacture elastic bands and strings for face masks with the best quality and elasticity of the market.

Matsa owns a wide range of elastic ribbons in many different colours, materials, widths and designs. We customize the face mask elastics to your needs, contact us here for more information.

Discover some of our bands for face masks:


Ribbons for Healthcare

We manufacture elastic and rigid ribbons for surgical gowns and respirator masks. We also produce other Healthcare articles such as buttonhole bands for face shields and drainage bags.

Matsa is also specialized in the production of elastic strings and threads for shoe covers, disposable caps and many more products from the Health Industry.

Discover our highlighted rigid and elastic ribbons:


Available Options:

Latex-Free, Recycled and 100% Permanent Antibacterial

latex free ribbons bands cord and strings

Ecological: Certified by OEKO-TEX, FSC, REACH and SGS Certifications

ecological ribbons cords strings and bands

Adapted to Your Needs:

Composition, Width, Colours, Pattern and Texture

customized face mask ribbons

100% Manufactured

in Europe

ribbons made in europe
face mask folding bands

Elastic Bands for

Reusable Masks

Ref. RL

Surgical Mask Strings

Elastic Strings for

Surgical Masks

Ref. 13283

FFP2 Mask Bands

Elastic Bands for

FFP2 Masks

Ref. 15285

other elastic ribbons for face masks

Elastic Ribbons

for Other Face Masks

Ref. 2300

Marble Surface
disposable gowns ribbons

Ribbons for

Surgical Gowns


disposable hats and shoe covers elastics

Elastics for Disposable Hats

and Shoe Covers


eyelet ribbons for dreinage bags and other

Ribbons for Dreinage Bags

and Others


face shield bands

Bands for

Face Shields

Ref. 8168

elastic antibacterial ribbon for face masks

Antibacterial Ribbon

for Face Masks

Ref. 9601220

elastic biodegradable ribbon for face masks

Biodegradable Ribbon

for Face Masks

Ref. 9501210


Advantages of Matsa Ribbons

Qué Hacemos

Rigid and Elastic Ribbon Producer

In Matsa we offer Latex-Free and recycled products with the best quality and greatest elasticity while meeting ecological standards. If you are looking for an elastic or rigid ribbon manufacturerplease contact us here.

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